Semi-Clean bill of health

So yesterday I had a spook which landed me in the ER. Unfortunately, the ER does not operate as efficiently as it could have. See had I actually been dying, I would have missed JoLo cooking Ropa Vieja on Ellen. Of course this was a re-run according to the Mrs.

The highlight my stay had to be listening to the two biddies behind us who were marveling at the presence of American Idol looser, Anthony Fedorov:

Biddy 1:Is that your Idol?

Biddy 2: No, that’s not Clay Aiken.

It went on like this for what felt like hours:

Biddy 1:Yull nevah believe what Gina named ha dawhtah, not in a million yeeahs. Go on try, you won’t guess. She named hah “Felicity”. Wheah do you come up with sumptin’ like that?

Biddy 2: Oh that’s terrible. That’s awful!

Biddy 1:And I says “Who comes up with sumptin’ like that?” and one of the ladies said theais a lady on tha TV called Felicity. What a tonguetwistah! It’s so awful.

Aparently, not much was wrong and Dr. Ziodberg gave me a clean bill of health and sent me on my way.


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