Eclipse-based Applications Don’t Play Well With Mac OS X Leopard

This weekend I decided to give Leopard a shot and so far, so good. However, if you’re an Eclipse fan you will be disappointed. I should also add folks who use ANY Eclipse-based product including Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 and apparently Zend Neon as well, according to the commenter’s over at The Job of Flex blog. The long of the short is that anytime you try and use the Open Resource dialog and make your selection an hit “Ok”, Eclipse will crash.

Since Eclipse uses it’s own SWT, it’s hard to say if this is an Apple issue or an Eclipse issue. Seeing as how, Swing applications seem to be much more stable and perform better, I’m thinking this is an Eclipse bug. Even though Mac OS X is still a minority platform for the Eclipse group, it’s issues like this back up my prior assertion regarding SWT vs. Swing. But with all of that said, I have filed 2 bugs: one for the Eclipse IDE here and another for Flex Builder here. If you’re having the same issues I am experiencing, please vote for these bugs. In the meantime, I’m giving the latest Netbeans RC 2 a good hard look. So far, I’m very impressed with how it runs under Leopard.


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