Goals for RESTEasy 1.0

As I’m reevaluating and retooling RESTEasy, I’m thinking about what it is going to take to reach 1.0. At a high-level, RESTEasy will provide:

  • A Server side API as a JAX-RS Implementation
  • A Client API similar to what I described in this post.
  • A set of common code that is shared between client and server.

As for features, here’s the run down:

  • A complete JAX-RS implementation
  • Use EJB 3 Session beans as a RESTful end point
  • Use EJB 3 Message-Driven beans as a RESTful end point
  • Support for JPA and Hibernate
  • Integrated GZip encoding
  • An integrated HTTP proxy for Flex applications (to get around this issue)

These are the basics for the 1.0 release. Right now, I’m starting to get the code in back inline with JSR-311. If there’s something you want to see in 1.0, please let me know.