The State of RESTEasy

It’s been a while since my last post and even longer since I blogged about RESTEasy. Or better yet, since I committed a change to the RESTEasy code base. This might have lead some to believe that RESTEasy has been abandoned and will cease to exist. Since I have been getting inquiries from friends as to what is going on with RESTEasy, I figured I should probably make a post about. So while the project is not being abandoned, the core API is definitely being rethought.

I have been doing some work on JSR-311 which is a JSR that will help formalize how to create a RESTful web service in Java. The ideas in RESTEasy and JSR-311 were similar, but the implementations are completely different. With that said, it didn’t make much sense to proceed down the path I was going and so I had decided to temporarily suspend development on RESTEasy until JSR-311 is closer to finalization.

I’ll be posting a few more ideas over the next few months, but development of RESTEasy probably won’t pick up again until late November-ish. So not dead, just on hold for a few.