The iPhone is now Offically Dull and BORING!

Can we stop talking about the iPhone now please? It’s been almost a month now and no one can stop talking about this device. Even worse, no one is talking about anything new about the iPhone. While I do enjoy reading Mac rumor sites like,, and others. But now the topic of these sites is now about 90% iPhone, 10% Mac. Even on sites like, the iPhone is the reigning Apple-related topic. To a non-iPhone user, this topic has become dull and boring. Until there is an Apple sanctioned SDK, I could really care less that you can now run the Apache HTTP Server on an iPhone. Who cares? It’s of very little use to anyone using this phone. It’s BORING!

But with that said, is there anyone doing anything cooler than Apple these days? Or does Apple just need to release something else cool soon so we can talk about something else?