Palm and Microsoft fail to Deliver Coolness

So while I write this post on my 17″MacBook Pro on the MBTA while tethered to my Motorola Q, I have wonder why on earth Palm would announce such a foolish device such as the the Foleo (Folio?)? Granted it hasn’t been officially announced yet and I’m only going by what Engadget is reporting, but from all indications this looks like something that someone should get fired for. Why do I want to lung around a third device to perform the same functions that I enjoy now? The only person who this device could appeal too is someone who doesn’t have a laptop yet. But when you consider the fact that they’ll also need a Treo plus a data plan from their mobile provider, it will most likely only appeal to people who could already afford a more capable laptop and a better phone.

Then we have Microsoft introducing something similar to Apple’s multi-touch technology called “Milan.” While cool, you won’t see this in any consumer products anytime soon. Right now, the hardware price points are around $10,000 to use Milan. Contrast that to the iPhone which is well under $1,000. Should Apple release a laptop device with a multi-touch screen, it would seriously trump this announcement.

It’s pretty sad that both companies tried to fire up their respective hype machines and have the results be so bland. Overall, neither of these announcements are impressive enough to put a dent in the iPhone frenzy.