Camino 1.1: My Mac OS X Web Browser of Choice

Since I got my Mac Book Pro last November, I have been extremely disappointed with the stability of FireFox on Intel Macs. The PPC version is quite stable and gives Safari a run for the money. On Intel however, it feels like an alpha-quality product. I have been using Safari, which gets the job done, but I had really missed some of the great features that FireFox provided:

  • HTML Editing capabilities (the WordPress HTML editor works in FireFox, not Safari)
  • Built-in spell checker
  • Site-level pop-up blocking
  • Cool extensions like FireBug

For one reason or another, I decided to take another look at Camino. Camino was started by Mike Pinkerton and it is built on Mozilla’s Gecko, which is also what powers FireFox. The big difference between Camino and FireFox is that Camino was designed to be a Mac-only browser that uses the Cocoa framework for its UI rather than XUL. What you end up with a browser that has a lot of the niceties of Safari, with most of the capabilities of FireFox. Some things you don’t get is FireFox extensions & themes, but I can live with that. As far as stability goes, I’m using one of the nightly builds and haven’t had a crash yet.