Navizon: Cool Software Based GPS for Mobile Devices

Recently, I just grabbed one of those fancy Motorola Q’s to replace my damaged Motorola E815. The Q is really cool and with the Missing Sync, it works like a champ with Mac OS X (although syncing via Bluetooth hasn’t worked so great). Oddly, I actually find myself liking Windows Mobile. Sure I’m a Mac-head, but Microsoft isn’t doing quite so bad here. The first cool app I found was the Windows Live Search for Mobile beta. This is really handy and highly recommended if you have a Windows Mobile Device. The maps and traffic features are top notch for a beta product. What was missing for me though was integrated GPS functionality.

I didn’t really want to have shell out a few hundred bucks for another GPS device since I’m already toting around enough crap. After a bit of digging, I ran across Navizon. You can learn more about what Navizon does here. For me, the most interesting part was that for $20, the Navizon Premium application can creates a virtual GPS device. So far the 15-day trial works remarkably well and plays nicely with the Window Live Search Mobile. Stability is a bit of an issue with Navizon’s map tools, but the V-GPS works great. Now only if I could find a JVM that will run on the Q 🙂