Flooding in Lowell: Day 3

What a difference a day makes! While we still haven’t gotten specifics on our unit, the word is that the first floor is dry. As of now we’re cautiously optimistic considering that the river will remain above the flood stage through Thursday. And as you can see here, the water has gone down significantly already:

We can actually see grass below our window!

Through all of this, you realize how small the world can be. A buddy of mine told me that he and a co-worker had to go to a trade conference this week and left over the weekend. This co-worker also lives in our building. Unfortunately, he also owns the Honda Element. The poor guy didn’t have a chance.

Behind the building, the story is pretty much the same:

We probably won’t be allowed to move back in for some time. We may be able to go in by week’s end to have a look, but any damage to the boiler room and electrical system still needs to be assessed. If you’re interested, I have posted some additional shots on my photoblog.


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