Handy Aspect Library 0.1 Released!

After some hemming and hawing, I finally decided to release the Handy Aspect Library. This initial release is based on AspectJ 5 (not JBoss AOP) and contains the JavaBean Aspect and the new SyncModel Aspect. The JavaBean aspect is relatively mature, but the SyncModel Aspect could probably use some more testing, which is the reason for the 0.1 release. If you’re interested in how these aspects work, you can see a demo here. This demo presents a side-by-side comparions of both the JavaBean and SyncModel aspects. You’ll also want to have a look at the code as well since the behavior of the JavaBean Aspect is not any different from a standard JavaBean. It the amount of code that is different. The “Test w/ SyncModel” and “Test Long Task” buttons test the same code, but one is using SyncModel and the other just simply executes on the EDT. Again, have a look at the code to see what’s up.

I have a few more aspects planned, but I figured I’d put the initial release out there to gather peoples opinons. Any thoughts? Of course other than the fact that you hate AOP, I know that already 🙂