Flooding in Lowell: Day 3

What a difference a day makes! While we still haven’t gotten specifics on our unit, the word is that the first floor is dry. As of now we’re cautiously optimistic considering that the river will remain above the flood stage through Thursday. And as you can see here, the water has gone down significantly already: We can actually see grass… Read more →

Floods Suck more when they hit home

It is a surreal feeling when you have a safety official knocks on your door to tell you have an hour to evacuate. Normally, the northeast doesn’t get wet like this, but man does it suck. This past Sunday night, my family and I had to leave our condo which runs along the Merrimack River in Downtown Lowell. This area is getting hit very hard from the driving rains we’ve been having this past weekend. Not to mention, we’re also getting the run-off from the additional rain the that the folks in New Hampshire are also getting pounded with. Read more →