Comcast High-Speed IS Really Fast

Lately I’ve started seeing some pretty impressive download speeds from Comcast. For example, it took me less than 4 minutes to download VMWare Fusion: That’s 1.2MB/sec which is pretty damn speedy if you ask me. Ironically, at the office the best I can get is 300KB/sec. Going the other direction, I’ve found that upload speeds are topping out at 150KB/sec… Read more →

Farewell MacOSRumors.com

Well, it seems that an old staple of Mac rumor sites has finally seen it’s last day. The site MacOSRumors.com was once one of the greatest Mac sites around. Over the past few years however, due to health issues with its founder, had gone down hill. Most readers had put the site on death watch, and deservedly so. Now when… Read more →

Microsoft Silverlight: It’s Like Flash without an Installed Base

By now, you’ve probably read plenty about Microsoft’s new Silverlight platform and how it’s going be a major player in the coming year. While I don’t doubt that Silverlight will be significant, I have a very tough time seeing how MS can overcome the installed base that Adobe has with Flash. And I’m not just talking about the installed base… Read more →


My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I have another family member who is currently fighting the disease. So in support of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Damn Handy will be Pink for the month of October! Read more →