NBC Cancels Life, Shoots self in foot

Well, it’s official: Life has been canceled. This was such a great show, but now gone. Considering that NBC put this great show on at a time when two ratings juggernauts (Lost and American Idol) are already dominating Wednesday night, it’s no wonder Life did lousy ratings-wise. Yep, I watched Lost on Wednesdays, but religiously DVR’d Life. But whatever. Well,… Read more →

Please NBC, don’t cancel Life!

You know, a lot of network T.V. kinda sucks so when a decent show comes along that goes on the chopping block, it bums me out a bit. I started watching Life on NBC just because I happened to be watching NBC at 10pm ona Wednesday and it happened to be on. I didn’t plan on watching it, but I was… Read more →

Comcast DVR Service: Slightly Retarded

While trying to set up a series recording of the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I ended up being thwarted by an apparently ignorant recording system. See, I was trying to record only the new episodes which run at 11:00PM and the 11:30PM respectively. But for some reason, this recording conflicted with my other Series record for Everyone Hates… Read more →