New Leopard Build Supports Office 2007 Formats – Office:mac coming 6-8 months later

The folks over at MacShrine are reporting that Apple has seeded a new build of Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) internally. What really caught my eye was the last statement: “TextEdit also features support to export and open new Word 2007 documents” What’s interesting here is that there is no mention of the OpenDocument format supported by the OpenOffice suite. Oh… Read more →

A Bigger Question: Why Doesn’t Apple Support OpenOffice Document Formats?

I ran across a post over at An Outlet which questions why Apple does not support OpenOffice. For me, the more important question is: Why doesn’t Apple support the OpenOffice document formats? I have written about this in a prior post about how the Mac platform currently has little or no support for the OpenDocument format. This format, which is… Read more →