When Photo Retouching Goes Bad

You know, some folks used to (or still) feel that digital photography is not true photography. There are even those who feel that HDR imagery is impure. Say what you will about them, but neither technique is more awful than the photo retouching skills of Pageant Photo Retouching. What… the… fuck? When I look at this image, I think of… Read more →

Glad I got the Nikon

You may want to put off that purchase of that Konica-Minolta Maxxum you’ve been eyeing. About a week after Nikon announces that they’ll no longer be making Film cameras, Konica-Minolta announces that they’ll no longer be making cameras! They’ll be handing over their DSLR production over to Sony, who will continue to make KM-mount DSLRs. Why, I don’t know for… Read more →

The beginning of the end for Film

Nikon issued a press release today which states that “95% of Nikon’s UK business being within the digital area, Nikon Corporation has made the decision to focus management resources on digital cameras in place of film cameras.” The release goes on to say that “Nikon will discontinue production of all lenses for large format cameras and enlarging lenses with sales… Read more →

Oooh, Lightroom

So if you haven’t already heard, Adobe released a public beta of a new app called Lightroom. So far it’s pretty good and beats the hell out of iPhoto. I can’t comment on how it stacks up against Apple’s Appature, but I can say it’s no Photoshop CS2 replacement, It’s definately more of a complimentry application than a replacement. So… Read more →

Why I like Nikon dSLRs

Canon just announced the EOS 5D which is a (relatively) low-cost, full-frame digital SLR camera. Canon has made some truly great cameras in recent years, but I find Canons current lens/body line up is bothersome. A digital SLR basically puts a digital sensor in a camera body that used to hold film. The digital sensor is smaller than the film… Read more →

Busy Weekend

A wedding and a birth, all caught on compact flash Friday, I shot my buddies wedding. It was hot as hell outside but I think we still managed to pull off some nice shots. The same day, my other buddy’s wife gave birth to an 8.5lb baby boy. We caught up with them on Saturday to get some shots there… Read more →