Blu-ray at 1080p is better than your local theater

This weekend, we decided to take our daughter to her first movie in a real theater. This was the first time my and I had set foot into a movie theater in about three years (Yeah, we haven’t been out to see a movie since she was born). Sadly, we quickly realized that we haven’t missed much as all.

If memory serves me correctly, the Lowes at the Loop is actually a relatively decent theater. At least, three years ago anyway. First off all, all you can smell is the stench of pop corn. Second, the volume in the theater is simply way too loud. For a movie like Madagascar, there’s no need for it to be that loud. The child of mine simply did not approve. Lastly, the picture quality sucked! It didn’t help that they had technical issues with the projector which delayed the showing for 15 minutes. Once the lights dimmed and movie started, the color was just dull and washed out. Add to that the screen is smeared with candy and whatever other crap people throw at it. It was just a very unpleasant experience that ruined a decent movie and we had to leave half-way through because it just too damn loud.

The funny thing is that I think we have a much more enjoyable experience at home. I only have a 37-inch Sony Bravia XBR-6 coupled with a Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player. With just the TV and Blu-ray player alone, I’d say that the viewing experience is already better better than what we had at the Lowes. The family opinion is that the picture quality on the “teenie” 37-inch screen is far better than what we saw at the Lowes. Plus, there’s no funk on the screen. And the best part is that we have it all to ourselves without people on cell phones, etc.! While it’s true that a Blu-ray is more expensive than a DVD, prices are coming down. But when you consider that that two adult tickets cost $20, it makes the Blu-ray price pretty attractive. Anyway, my wife and I are pretty sure that movies will be viewed at home from this point forward, because yes, Blu-ray is that good.

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    • Mike Bosch

      I gotta agree with you here. 1080p on a good set is much crisper than what the movie theater can present. What really convinced me was initially watching the Wall-E trailer at the theater and then downloading it and watching it at 1080p. Wow, the difference was stunning.

    • Helen

      To be fair, hon, at our house, people pee on the seats.

    • Sid

      You are too dam old! Its the MOVIES! Who doesn’t LOVE the “Stench” of popcorn when you walk in! I have memories of smelling that and coming to the realization that it was gunna happen, I was gunna see “The Empire Strikes Back”!! Before BlueRay, or EVEN DVD…nothing compared to the movies! It wasn’t the picture or the sound, it was the experience! My kids are old enough that I can watch a movie every single night.
      If its too loud, your too old
      If it stinks, who ever smealt it….
      If its not clear enough for you, get a pair of glasses and stick them up your beep so there are more tickets and better seats for me…THE MOVIE THEATERS ROCK!!

    • Nordberg

      Wow, you really have it twisted IMO. I’ve gotta go with Sid here, really – I’m pretty sure most kids won’t give a jack sh*t about picture quality or any of that old cynic sh*t, they want the EXPERIENCE! That’s what it was for me when I was young, at least.. it was just so fun and exciting when dad would take me to see new movies, or someone’s parents would drive us there and I’d go with friends. Have a little popcorn, coke and candy and just watch a great movie on the gigantic screen with other people enjoying it just as much. It’s about that, not at all just the picture quality. And yes, you probably are too old. But do your kid a favor and take them to movies. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate the experience over any über HD elitist picture quality.