My Wife was SOOO Right!

I should know better by now, but the Mrs. has a decent track record of being right. Sometimes. Had I agreed the first time around, we’d have had the right color paint up on the walls this time and we’d be that much closer to getting our loft on the market. As part of my penance and punishment for being wrong, I must inform the internets that my wife was yet again correct the first time and I was SOOOO wrong. You have no idea how wrong. ;) I now must find out how to get this statement up on the Green Monster or at the very least, up on the score board at LeLacheur park. Being wrong sucks :(

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    • http://// Wife

      No, you know what sucks more than being wrong? Being right when no one belieeeeeeeeves you!

    • Laran Evans


      My wife would SOOOOOOOOOO agree with you!

    • ALR

      This is why we should repeal suffrage. Women can’t be right if they don’t get a vote.


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