Monthly Archives: October 2007

Some Mac OS X Leopard Java Details

Even though Java is not listed as one of the 300+ new features, Java is listed as one of the “Key Technologies” listed under the tech specs for Leopard. Additionally, the development tools section also states that Leopard will include: “Complete Java JDK, including javac, javadoc, ANT, and Maen tools “ Whatever “Maen” is Technically speaking, Java isn’t “new” even… Read more →

Goals for RESTEasy 1.0

As I’m reevaluating and retooling RESTEasy, I’m thinking about what it is going to take to reach 1.0. At a high-level, RESTEasy will provide: A Server side API as a JAX-RS Implementation A Client API similar to what I described in this post. A set of common code that is shared between client and server. As for features, here’s the… Read more →