Adobe “Moviestar” Makes Silverlight Irrelevant

A lot of people have been giving a lot of oooh’s and aaah’s to Microsofts still beta/alpha Silverlight’s HD video features. While HD video in Silverlight is cool and all, it was only a matter of time before Adobe offered up their HD offering. According to, an upcoming Flash player update code named “Moviestar” will bring high-definition video along with H.264 compression as well as HE-AAC version 2 audio.

The new Flash player will offer hardware-accelerated, full-screen video playback. Additionally, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Adobe to take advantage of the hardware-based H.264 decoder in the iPhone. If that’s the case, then one could argue that this is the Flash update that Apple will include in the next iPhone update.

This update is important to Adobe in their effort against Silverlight. Unlike Silverlight which only supports Windows Media specific codecs, Adobe have chosen an industry standard approach. And to date, Adobe’s cross-platform track record has been extremely good when compared to MS. Granted, Linux support still needs a little more work, but Flash 9 has been leaps and bounds better than before. So now with HD video and industry standard compression, what makes Silverlight anymore compelling than Flash?

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    • eokyere

      1. a lot of people give oohs and aahs about feature f1 of product p0 (which is in the family of product p1)
      2. product p1 now implements f1
      3. product p0 is now irrelevant

      huh????? so you feel your views are relevant? oh, gawd, these fanboys! ;)

      — eokyere

    • Ryan

      However p1 implements ISO standards whereas p0 is still trying to lock you into proprietary codecs. Sure Adobe isn’t the shining star of openness, but at least the are standards based approach. The same can’t be said for Silverlight.

    • ALR

      What a volley.

      Unless Microsoft or Adobe make available ABC’s “Lost” on Streaming HD within my browser, who gives a shoe?


    • mr chas

      Since when does movie star support an entire object oriented coding platform (in case you don’t know that would be .NET). Adobe has no hope of keeping up with MS on development tools and integration. Adobe needs to stick to photoshop. Flash is gonna die.