When Photo Retouching Goes Bad

You know, some folks used to (or still) feel that digital photography is not true photography. There are even those who feel that HDR imagery is impure. Say what you will about them, but neither technique is more awful than the photo retouching skills of Pageant Photo Retouching. What… the… fuck? When I look at this image, I think of child taxidermy. And it doesn’t stop there, this one is more frightening that the first! You’re supposed to have pictures of your kids with missing teeth. They shouldn’t look like botoxed, denture wearing brides of Chucky. They should resemble the cute and filthy little monsters they truely are.

And she charges money for this heinous service! Does anyone actually buy this crap? If so, why aren’t I making money in photography yet?
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    • http://www.thirdbit.net Max

      Hah! I had seen Pageant Photo Retouching in salon.com. That shit is petrifying.

    • http://jomilla.com Jordan

      That shit isn’t cool.

    • Han

      This site’s been knocking about for ages. But trust me, there used to be so many more of them creepy pictures. Those highlighted are the ‘better’ ones, in the usual sense.