Java on Mac OS X Leopard to be 64-bit, resolution independent

I just spent some time digging through the WWDC schedule and session to see if I could find anything about Java on Leopard. First of all, Java is NOT DEAD on Max OS X and Leopard should ship with some version of Java. And from what WWDC pages read, Apple may actually have a few cool features in store for Java on Leopard. From the WWDC session pages:

“New features and performance enhancements make Java a greatly improved technology on Mac OS X Leopard. Discover how Leopard makes the Java development experience better than ever with resolution independence, a crisper Aqua look and feel, a 64-bit virtual machine, and more. Get the latest news on WebObjects and find out how other developers are using Java successfully on Mac OS X.”

It took a while to find that since all of the session descriptions require a click to reveal them. But from what the description reads, it definitely sounds like Java on Leopard will take advantage of several of Leopards core technologies. Most notably is 64-bit Java and resolution independence. These two items alone can explain the perceived hiatus that Java 6 has been on. But based on the WWDC descriptions, it also seems pretty clear that Java 6 (or a 64-bit Java 5 version) will most likely not run on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 as it won’t support these technologies. The session titled “Discover Java on Mac OS X Leopard” which takes place Thursday morning at 9am PDT, should reveal more about the state of Java on the Mac. Hopefully, the information from this session becomes public and soon!

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    • Fireblaze

      Java is Dead on MacOS X, all my companies customers have to switch to another platform to take advantage of the new features in my companies business system, and yes its an auto-platform-install on all OS except MacOS X, which doesnt have Java 1.6. The Business System I work on upgrades every 3 months. So a over 10 months delay => 3 upgrades with plenty on new features like mailing, better support pages, desktop intergration, warningflag in systemtray, etc… almost all of Java 1.6 new features is used to improve the usability of the system.

    • Jónas Tryggvi

      We were thinking of switching to macs for developers in our company, until we found out that we couldn’t use JDK 6, and how Apple seems to manage updates of the JVM for the Mac. I found that out the hard way by buying a 24″ iMac .. that I boot in Windows for Java development.

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    • Paul Murray

      Steve doesn’t get that java developers, accustomed to the transparency of OSS, will not stand for the way apple does business. Even though it appears that apple is supporting Java, the secrecy is making developers give up.

      As for me – I got burned buying the very very last PPC 12″ powerbook. A week after I had parted with my cash, I regretted it.

      However, all work here in Canberra is Java 1.4.2 or 5, so not having java 6 is not a huge deal.

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