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JBoss Seam to the rescue!

One area that had annoyed me about RESTEasy is dealing with JAXB annotated Entity Beans that get returned from a Stateless Session Bean. Once the SLSB returns the entity, the transaction is committed but the object graph that will be needed for the XML representation may not be fully initialized, thus resulting in a LazyInitializationException from Hibernate. Since the JAXB… Read more →

Automagically RESTful Entity Beans

So far, I have gotten some very useful feedback for RESTEasy. One excellent set of questions came from the rest-discuss group on Yahoo!: How do you map different parts of the namespace to the same component? What, for instance, do GETs to the following resources result in:   http://localhost/resteasy/contacts/12345/something   http://localhost/resteasy/contacts/12345?myparam=whatever The short answer is that you could map the… Read more →